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I too have had many meltdowns with the doctor's office. I would call and they were too busy and I would wait for them to call me back and they wouldn't call me back. I would call the next day and they would tell me I couldn't get into Doctor S's office that day and to go to the emergency room, this has happened a few times.

Advocating for myself

I called last week again and again said they would call me back? I got so mad I drove to their office and I was screaming at the receptionist that no one was calling me back, I made so much noise that the doctor came running out to see why I was screaming at the receptionist, she was laughing at me and I got even madder. The office was crowded with patients but I wanted to let everyone know about the bad treatment I received from that lung doctor. I told him I was never going back to him and I will get a new doctor that cares about his patients.

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Getting a second opinion, a new doctor

I finally did get a new doctor. Although the staff there is almost the same and not calling me back when I call. I am in stage 4 and it's getting worse each day, sometimes I have good days but not very many. I do have in-home care that my family doctor ordered for me, he is a wonderful doctor, that cares about me and I have been going to him for many years, I only wish he knew more about COPD but he does make a big difference in my care. I still try to take one day at a time and try to exercise because it really helps me, I do have good family support too which is great.

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