Allergies to sprays

Have had COPD for 10 years. Used Spiriva, then Ventolin with Spiriva till it didn't work anymore. Tried many others and Anoro for 4 years. (Qvar, Symbicort, Combivent, Dulera) but had allergic response (yellow haze, rapid heartbeat, asthma) and a severe muscle spasm that landed me in hospital for suspected heart attack (I now think from Anoro and a Vitamin D supplement I took first time for two days). Had heart attack and stent 11 years ago - all was well with heart but no other diagnosis at the hospital.

Seeking treatment that helps me

Now I am on Ventolin (not a substitute) only and take it 6, 7 times a day and night, every three hours. I am 90 years old, had 2 breathing tests years ago, use oxygen now at night most nights and sometime during day after having a heart surge 2 days ago, unknown reason. Need to get a new long acting spray but Dr. has no suggestions because of my allergies. Have problem with gums as well with reaction to sprays and brush teeth every time after sprays. Not sure who to go to for help. That is my story (also allergic to penicillin - stop breathing) and really afraid of any new meds as I respond so severely to many. Where do I go?

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