Medicare Coverage & COPD

I've needed to use prednisone more often, and my pulmonologist recently saw me and reviewed what inhalers I've been on. He feels Dulera will be beneficial and says to discontinue the Symbicort and Advair. The problem is Medicare doesn't cover it, and it would be $600.00, or more a month. At times I've paid over $5,000 a year just for inhalers, and my monthly Medicare premium is over $500.00. Add that the cost of the Medicare Advantage plan payments, plus a tax of $65.00 a month extra because of income.

I found out today that my doctor was able to get the Dulera approved for a year. It will get me to the donut hole much more quickly, and probably will continue to cost me hundreds out of pocket, BUT I'm so relieved I get a chance to try this drug to see if it helps keep me as active as I can be. Yea!!!

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