living with lung disease

I'm an 84-year-old female, in good health apart from lungs. My father died of lung disease at 54 yrs old, my 2 brothers also had lung disease and all 3 of us girls have it...My sister died in 2006, age part hereditary, we also grew up with coal fires, of course, we all smoked, I quit in 1988, was having breathing problems, and had pneumonia often.

My breathing got worse

My breathing decreased and between 2001 and 2003, was put on oxygen 24/7...still going strong, in stage 4. I live alone, my husband passed after 65 years, I take otc pills for my immune system, and try to exercise daily, and keep my limbs in working order, I'm lucky I have no joint pain or back pain, and feel I'm managing well. I force myself to cook every day and get dressed up, I try singing all the time, makes me take deeper breaths. It's not the end till it is. I'm going onwards...good luck to you all, look forward not back, keep smiling...

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