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Living With COPD

I was diagnosed with COPD in 2011 which was 11yrs. ago I was still working and doing ok, except a few incidents of not being able to breathe and sleep.

11 years later

Now 11yrs. later I can barely walk from one room to the next on oxygen 24/7 just moved up from 2 liters of oxygen to 4. Tired all the time, can’t do the things that I want to do, and dealing with anxiety and depression. But try to go out as much as I can not give up right now as long as I can I going to keep moving.

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Most recent flare-up

I’m just getting over a flare-up and was on prednisone for the 3rd time in the last 3 months. My face and ankles were swollen really bad just beginning to go down I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but life goes on an I’m going to make the best of it. Going to keep moving slowly but surely

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