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Living today

Hi, living with COPD the past 8 years after a bout with lung cancer. It has been a challenge for me because I wanted to stay active in my family life and socially. I have oxygen 24/7 and a portable oxygen unit when I leave my home. I am experiencing flare ups that have left me with a hacking cough I can’t control. Short of wearing a mask and moving out of the area I live in (Gulf Coast) I would be interested in hearing any ideas to help with the cough.

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  • Erin Rush moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi joy! First off, I am glad you survived your bout with lung cancer! I do think a lot of our members can relate to what you shared. COPD can bring unexpected limitations that can be a challenge to manage at times. As far as your coughing issue, I wanted to share this information from our site about why you cough and also, some tips on how to manage a cough — If you are able to discover what is triggering your flares, you may be able to plan ahead and either avoid those triggers, or be prepared to manage them when they cause a flare up. Here are some tips for identifying and avoiding triggers that may be helpful to you — We also have a sister site dedicated to lung cancer. If you are ever interested, I know you would be welcomed — I hope this information is helpful for you and please don’t hesitate to reach out again, should you have further questions or concerns. We are happy to help in any way we can! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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