Had a 4th major flare up last night. Had gotten thru the other 3 that day in 30 -45 min or so. I was already drained and could not catch my breath, using rescue inhaler, pursed-lip, deep exhale to clear out co2 and trying to stay calm.THX! Learned most of this from here.

A scary situation

Couldn't talk so texted my son to call 911 now! and sent. Copied text msg and repeated resent to him 2 more times and then sent same copy/paste to brother who lives nearby. Was getting to that point I felt I'd be passing out, so said to myself I've gone thru this before, breathe correctly, calm myself down as best I could focusing on calm place and breathing. Again Thx

My phone rang back within a minute or 2 though it seemed forever and I couldn't speak so just grunted kind of. My family member letting me know EMS was on the way! They got iv going, gave steroid and low dose anxiety med. Spent hour in ER and transferred to room, may be for another day too. They injected Steroids, gave more anxiety meds, and the other usual. I have stage 4 COPD, severe emphysema for last 2 years. Have albuterol rescue inhaler, and nebulizer, daily take Trelegy Elipta, baby aspirin, clopedegral , losartan, (heart meds. Have had 2 attacks, have 2 stents).levothyroxine ( hypothyroidism)

Sorry, not known to be brief lol plus think I may answer some questions b4 asked.

Feeling better

So in hospital. Feeling better. They gave steroid injection once more last night, now on prednisone and they increased anxiety med to 1mg Clonazepam. 7.5 Oxycodone to control pain. O2 flow on 2 or 3 depending on how I feel. Well nurses are here. Be sure to thank your nurses. Doing good. Gotta go. Thx all.

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