Hopeful or Hopeless

Recently I found myself with an extra 100 lbs., and dragging oxygen tubing throughout my house. The weight came from that "miracle" drug called Prednisone, and the oxygen is supposed to help me breathe.

The Problem

The problem is, I am terribly out of breath. To walk 10 feet is a nightmare of struggling to breath and gasping for air. My doctor keeps saying I need to lose weight (never had a weight problem in my life) and it will get better. How am I supposed to lose weight when I can't exercise? On top of all that, as if that's not enough, I am severely dehydrated-so much so I have fissures on my tongue; I can't sleep more than two hours; my joints are killing me, and I nearly choke or aspirate when I'm eating. Taking meds is a formidable task.

Still hopeful

Hopeless? Nope. Hanging on to hopeful that somewhere. someone will tell me something useful that will help me get my quality of life back. You have to laugh. I do, anyway, to keep from giving up. Surrounding myself with people that love me, and I love has helped a lot. I'm not dead yet!

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