Hope defined

Hope is the reality that, the instant it's over, becomes a memory.
All that is an arcane academic paragraph that doesn't tell you how to manage the next minute or the next day or all the other nuisances that fill up our time.

Setting goals

So I set goals every day, goals I can reach, goals I intend to reach and when those are done, I am satisfied. I award myself a trophy and become Champion for the Day. I don't intend to chop down the tree. I will take a photo of it. One of those are really more likely to occur than the other.
Hope is only a complicated objective if you give it more currency than it deserves.

Don't let it beat you

Take the laundry out of the dryer, fold it, put it away and realize you didn't let the laundry beat you. You are the best.
The things I wish for are the things that I can live with when they happen. If they don't, I reorganize my desk drawer.
Won that one too!
With hope, you hope you will end up with a pleasant memory. You only have an instant to make that happen. Be the best. You already are.

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