Having a hard time dealing with everything

Hi sorry I haven't been on the site much lately. I have found out that I have lung cancer several nodules are big enough they are cancerous. And no doctors can do a biopsy to help me, because my COPD is so bad in my lungs that they are afraid I will die on the table even the needle biopsy. Or going through your throat for biopsy. They are afraid of lungs collapsing. An i only have 50 percent left is the reason for not doing the biopsy.

More tests

So I had another CT scan and the biggest one is not get any bigger but they are finding more nodules. Now I have more scarring in my lungs from the copd. I've had 2 pet scan done and both did lite up. Just scared but praying everyday for God's blessings on me. Pray everyday for everybody I know and don't know anybody that has this disease God bless us all amen. I'll find out February 2nd if they will want to do radiation or not because they don't and won't know what kind of cancer I have. Thanks for listening. And thank God my everyday did I get to wake up see every other day.

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