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Have Power Over Your Circumstances

I was diagnosed with COPD in 2002. I started at 20 percent lung function. Today with the help of my amazing Pulmonologist my lung function is at 79 percent! From 2002 - 2009, I was on the ventilator 5 times.

Doing better

Other than weather changes, expiratory whizzes, and extreme fatigue, I'm doing a lot better. I also was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, anemia, RA and associated issues that all contribute to fatigue. I've learned I can do almost anything I want, but I'm very slow and take many rests and naps. I cancel people on my RA support group and always use the phrase...knowledge is power. You must have power over your circumstances rather than your circumstances having power over you. I always read and continue to educate myself on all my diagnoses, all my meds and new research.
Love sharing with everyone who has same diagnosis as me.
Love, hugs and kisses

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