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Hard to breathe

I was diagnosed in March 2015. I had gotten sick from cold and flu made lungs collapse. Did a 5 day stay in hospital when I left they prescribed $900.00 dollars of meds my insurance did not cover and I was put on oxygen. I wasn't sure what to do I have to work and can't do what I do with a oxygen tank hooked to my side, so I prayed and asked God for help. I quit using the oxygen in 3 days, went back to work in 5 days I was trying to hide SOB that I am dealing with, but each day I got better.

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Then a friend that works for Drs gave me some symbicort to take 2 times a day. It helped on some days but this is not the answer. When it runs out what to do after that? Then I heard of a COPD study thats trying out new meds and if you qualify you can join so I did and it's for 52 wks and free meds and at this point it's were I am with this problem of mine. I have been researching a cure but it's done with stem cell research. They say it is a cure, I have not at this point confirmed the cost but from what I have been hearing it's not covered by insurance and cost more money than I have. $20000 is what the procedure costs I have been told. Again I have not confirmed this but if God is willing and provides the funds, this is what I will do. The stem come from your body and I read you get immediate results and in a few weeks you're hiking, taking long walks, and doing a lot of the normal things that you're not able because of SOB. So pray for me and I will stay in touch and keep this forum informed as to my progress.

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