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I was diagnosed with COPD, emphysema, 20 years ago. I have had many test done, went to rehab and was on 2 liters at first. I continued to work retail, antiques mall, for ten years but only used oxygen at night. Then I was put on 4 liters 24/7. I didn't want to wear oxygen while working but wore it all other times. I thought I would get by with that.

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After another five years went by I found it more difficult to breath. I was on maintenance inhaler, rescue inhaler and now 4.5 liters of oxygen. I was using my oxygen at work via a Helio unit that I carried around with shoulder strap, very uncomfortable.

Fast forward and now I am on 6 liters retired from working. One day I am so thankful that I can get oxygen through my concentrator or portable oxygen. The next day I am very sad that I need my oxygen ALL the time. It is hard to live with it but even harder without it.

I wish I would have never smoked. I did quit four years before I had trouble breathing but the damage was done.

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