Former smoker

Last updated: October 2017

I started smoking in high school but only once in a while, when I joined the work force in 1965 I started smoking a pack a day and continued till 2012, I couldn't breathe and was diagnosed with severe COPD. I was originally diagnosed in 2004 when I signed up for a clinical lung study w/a St. Louis,Mo based hospital, it was free screenings yearly and at that time I was advised to stop smoking which I did not do hence now at stage 4 COPD. I manage w/ 02 at night and a nebulizer 2xs a day, Advair diskus 2xs a day, Tudorza 2xs a day and Ventolyn for emergency, Dr. has just put me on Daliresp every other day but I seem to be having some side effects with it. I also have exacerbations every few months, prednisone seems to work wonders for that and also gives energy w/ easy breathing. I'm going to pulmonary rehab 3xs a week and doing what I can to stay on Gods green earth for however long I can. I also have some scarring on one lung.

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