Flare Ups Suck

Hi, Im female and 87 yrs old. Mentally feel and can do it all but my body tells me differently.

A scary few months

Diagnosed with COPD, Mild Case, in 2010, also Lung Cancer same year. Half of my left lung removed. COPD still progressing. Went on Oxygen in 2020. Had two bad flare-ups. June 2021 in hospital, voice went horse, told I had a left paralyzed vocal cord, 6 months later voice came back with right vocal cord picking up the slack. July 2022 Flare Up, horse voice again. Flare Ups quite scary. Praying to God to stay with me and help me get through. Night time is the hardest going through a flare up. Lets hope a cure is around the corner. God Bless you ALL.

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