Finding ways to pass time

The unexpected

I never expected to have my health take a turn south. It started out with a diagnosis of COPD and being placed on supplemental oxygen. In addition, I had several strokes due to my high blood pressure. My strokes caused me to lose use of my right side extremities.

As a result of the above health incidents, I found myself spending 100 days in a nursing home for rehab. I found myself going through speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Slowly I did recover most with my speech being the best. I am now in a wheelchair due to the right side weakness and foot drop. I also have trouble with balance which has helped me find a new job of checking the levelness of the floor. I get a good view from laying unexpectedly on the floor.

New hobbies

I have taken up a hobby of leather craft. I found some easy projects with Tandy Leather. It helps me with finger dexterity and reading books to help me with ideas. All of this passes time, keeps me upright which helps my breathing, and gives me some craft work. I used to do woodworking but cannot stand any longer.

Getting frustrated

I do get frustrated at times when I cannot do the things I used to. I now depend on aides to help with QOL issues. I never thought I would be depending on others as I was always the one helping others. A friend told me that it is now my turn to get help.

I do try to do things and with help from others can still do small things. Can't use the stove though as oxygen and open flame do not mix. I do follow others who live a nomadic type lifestyle which takes me back to my traveling days. Good memories of days gone by.

Staying Positive

I try to stay positive and am successful most days. My oxygen is brought to my home so I can get outside weather permitting.

Wish everyone a happy New year and a healthy one also. Stay safe with the Covid. I am trying as I have had all my shots including the booster after talking things over with my pulmonologist. Hope to have a good 2022 and stay out of the hospital.

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