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Extreme Pain in Rib Cage

It started long before I found out I have COPD, I couldn't figure out what was causing this pain inside my rib cage because many or no activities would bring it on and when it was brought on the pain was severe. I would put my arm up in the air hoping to relieve some of the pain - it would take my breath away.

Sent to a gastrologist for the rib pain

I called it my alien because after a while it was like it was moving around in my rib cage. I would tell people about it and they would look at me like I was nuts. I told my doctor about it and he sent me to a gastrologist. I told that doctor about it and he took out my gallbladder. Yet still I get this pain. Now I get it if I bend over too long like when I'm tying my shoes or washing my feet in the shower.

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Loss of consciousness lead to my diagnosis

I found out I had COPD about 4 years ago. It was on Thanksgiving night, we had gone to some friends of ours' house for dinner, however, I wasn't really feeling all that great and really didn't feel that hungry either so I told them I wanted to go home. At home all I remember is I was walking thru the trailer we lived in, going towards the living room. We had a friend staying with us at the time (Josh). I guess when I got to the living room I passed out. Josh caught me and started yelling for help - I don't remember all of that. I guess I was in and out of consciousness.

They called an ambulance. They came and took me to the hospital. After doing a lot of tests on me, the doctor came in and informed me I have COPD. At first I thought, "Okay so what? I have COPD." Not having any idea just what's entailed with COPD. Then one day my youngest daughter was up from Long Beach and I was laying down on my bed and decided to look up COPD. Boy that hit me hard. I had no idea. I started crying. I got very depressed and I'm even more depressed now than I was then. I hate how little energy I have, I really hate if I do have a little energy that everything I need or want to do winds me. I don't really care for my doctor not to mention I live 25 miles out of town but I know at the rate I'm going its only going to get worse.

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