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My husband suffers from M.E. (CFS) and is on immunosuppressants, having had a kidney transplant, and I suffer from diabetes & COPD. I do the cooking for both of us but have found it has become more & more tiring as time has gone on.

Cooking For Two

In the past I used to make the same meal for both of us but because of my diabetes I usually make myself something completely different from him, such as ready-made meals, so I really only have to 'slave over a hot stove', so to speak, making my husband's meals.

For my husband I usually make a meal for 4 and he gets to eat one portion and the other 3 go into containers which I put in the freezer for another day. That way I am not constantly having to cook meals for him every evening. Sometimes I could have as much as 20 containers of different meals in the freezer and all I have to do is defrost one of them and microwave it for his dinner. Easy-peasy! This works quite well….until I run out of meals and then I have to start all over again.

This arrangement, as you can see, is far less tiring than having to make two meals every evening, thank goodness!

Grocery Delivery

Oh, we also have our food delivered every so often which, during Covid, is a relief. Occasionally my husband goes on his own to the local supermarket for things like milk & bread as he can wear a mask which, because of my breathing problem, just isn't possible for me (and risky being amongst other people!) By the way, in Scotland, you generally have to wear a mask in public places.

Actually, on the odd occasion I have gone into town I was glad to see that everybody was wearing a mask (except for people like me) which I feel must help stop the spread of Covid.

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