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Last updated: September 2015

Well, not sure where to begin but I'm only 34 & have been diagnosed with emphysema, lung scarring (31% damage) and a small nodule approximately 6 months ago. Assuming stage II based on this website, however, this was never discussed with my doctor. I am over weight and need to loose about another 40 lbs but it is so hard. I lift weights, eat well, walk on a daily basis (only up to .70 miles as my doctor does not want me to use my fast acting inhaler every day) and try to do Yoga 3 times per week.

I grew up with my father smoking, however, never did in the house and hardly around me. I did smoke during my last two years of high school and a couple of years after but no more than a pack per week (at the most).

I haven't found much information on people my age with this but hoping to learn more as time goes on. Pulmonary function tests every 6 months along with yearly CT scans to monitor the nodule. Hoping my powdered inhaler maintains my condition as I am only 2% away from needing supplemental oxygen.

Any advice, tips would be appreciated.

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