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Doctor Fatigue

I read someone's story about doctor fatigue. I have it and have had it for years. My adult son passed away and since then I have not really wanted to visit the doctor. I was always healthy and thought why should I go to the doctor? I feel fine. Finally, I went and was diagnosed with COPD Emphysema.

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Getting to the doctor is hard

I live in a rural area and do not like driving so going to the doctor is not that easy. I still do not like to go to the doctor. There was a time when they had me going at least once a month. For this test and that test. That was too much for me. I was on no medications at the time and the doctor told me that now I was going to be on several.

My treatment plan

I do take them as prescribed and Trelegy has been helpful. I quit smoking a year ago but I do vape. I guess I still do have doctor fatigue but I feel we should all be in charge of what we want to do and what we don't. We can and should all be able to make our own healthcare decisions. COPD has changed my life but I am managing. My husband has to do more than before and I don't like that but going to the doctor Is not going to help that.

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