Diagnosed at the ripe old age of 38
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Hello everybody, my name is Cathy and I live in beautiful South Carolina. I’m 55 now so I’ve lived with emphysema for a while.

I had lung reduction surgery on both lungs in 2006 at age 44 which helped me immensely for 10 years!! I forgot that I had emphysema except taking my inhalers twice a day. Unfortunately the benefits of the surgery has run its course because now I KNOW I have the disease.

The main reason I’m posting now is I’m wondering what my next step is? I’m on oxygen at night and my FEV1 is at 1.07 as of November. When does a person start inquiring about a transplant or what else is out there? Is there anyone out there that can fill me in on the road to a transplant?

Thanks in advance,

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