Last updated: December 2019

I started Daliresp for my stage 3 COPD and couldn’t continue after a week of severe issues.

Daliresp for COPD treatment

Daliresp side effects

My collarbone hurt, then it radiated into my neck, jaw and face. 168 beats per minute for hours. Horrible experience. Doctor had me stop. My question to anyone who has taken this medicine: did you encounter health issues after stopping? I have not been the same. Been 20 days since I stopped. I feel like I have bad case of flu constantly - tight chest, shallow breathing, fatigued beyond anything I ever encountered.

Am I the only one having these issues?

I tried to research lingering effects from it but there’s nothing out there. If you have these same issues, please let me know how to get over them. Doctors are stumped, thinking I’m crazy I guess. Thank you.

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