Hi Everyone. I've been hitting some new and unexplored lows in my condition. I've always been a happy man, quick with a smile and a joke. I guess my trouble lately is I'm the only one that feels my smiles or hears my jokes.
Not the depressive type, but damn. My siblings, children, wife all have an arm and a half length distance anymore.

A downturn

Diagnosed end stage in 2014, I maintained a decent quality of life until Dr. Mengele got his hand on me and kept me confined to the hospital and experimented on heart drugs on me for a full month, threatening me with leaving AMA because I would have to pay the entire bill myself. Well, he lied. And I didn't sue; and it pretty much destroyed my health.

Considering counseling

I wanted to reach out to y'all because I feel I might want to get some counseling or something. I can't do antidepressants, they have an opposite effect on me. My insurance is great, so I know I can get it, but...I don't know what to expect, or how to prepare,; and never really had a lot of confidence in the field to begin with.
If there's any advice out there in the lunger world, I'd be mighty pleased to hear it. I'm sad, which is an unnatural state for me.

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