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What could and did

I do hope this helps or save anyone with COPD as divine intervention helped a doctor to fight as he was fighting as well for a COPD patient.

As this was told to me:

April 16 2016 around 4pm 911 was called as a COPD patient wasn’t breathing and weak to move, on the way to the ER she coded full respiratory failure (TRAFFIC NEEDS TO STOP FOR AMBULANCES) and the ER doctor told the family the lungs were just mush there’s nothing he can do, another doctor and his specialty was pulmonary said to the family let me try and the family asked please. This pulmonary Dr took over and knowing this patient had COPD 3rd stage with a pain pump implanted inside with the drug Fentynol plus taking 45 plus another opioid and 6 msgs of Xanax a day plus smoked. Family were unaware opioids decreased respiratory but knew smoking wasn’t helping at all. Patient was put on life support ventilator, tubes through mouth and nose and the left lung collapsed. Family sat there Day in and day out for nearly 3 weeks waiting for some sign and during this time the patient ripped out the tubes twice which than they had to tie the arms and hands down. Family told the Dr their loved one was a fighter and if they knew where they were this loved one would fight to come through the Dr said I can only do so much and your loved one needs to fight now and get prayers going as we don’t know yet.

To make the story short the loved one opened her eyes and saw her loved one and said hi and closed her eyes again oxygen level started going up from 34 to 40. Nurses were still skeptical and tried to explain to no avail to the family. Picture this family fighting for their loved one and the loved one is on #Life Support and don’t know it. After 3 weeks she woke up but was weak. Dr pulled her through and he even said he had help from above. Than she had to learn how to walk, talk as her voice was gone from ripping out the tubes. Had to relearn to turn on the light so rehabilitation for near 3 months. During this time she quit smoking and her loved one said if she pulled through he would also quit smoking as he didn’t want to be an enabler and they quit.
Plus the opioids she went through withdrawals and they shut her fentanyl pump percentages at a time and now she’s free of that and takes Tylenol or Motrin for pain and she thanks Dr. Keith Young of Huntsville, Alabama Crestwood Hospital and his complete staff for being there for her family and her and when she could she thanked the ICU nurses and her rehabilitation therapists. And many ground angels and prayer warriors.

And I thank god for each day I wake up and thankful for my family not giving up on me.
[Editor’s note: medical advice removed for safety of community members.] Lucky no. BLESSED YES. By the way my new SATS are 97%.

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