Coping with copd

Last updated: June 2023

I was a caregiver to my mom she also had COPD she passed away 25 years ago. I took her off life support she wrote a letter telling her doctor she didn’t want to live on life support. Sometimes you have to love someone enough to let them go (I Did).

I have COPD

Now here is my story I have COPD I have had it 15 years or longer. I am supposed to be on oxygen 24/7 3 liters. I don’t take it through the day, I am afraid that I will get dependent on it in the day and it bothers me with the hose. I always bring my tank with me anywhere I go day or night just in case I need it. I am a smoker I quit and I vaped for 3 years. My doctor got real mad so I went back to smoking. He will ask me every time I go to my appointment he asked if I quit I say no he does not say anything to me about not quitting.

My treatments

I have my 3 inhalers nebulizer machine sometimes I take my inhaler before I take my nebulizer. I have an Aerobika on my nebulizer it loosens the mucus so I can spit it out. There are some days that are worse than others. I do take all my medicine and my nebulizer and my inhaler. I have been in the hospital several times but never on a ventilator, my doctor gives me a procedure where he cleans the mucus out of my lungs it has been 2 years since I’ve been in the hospital, last night 3/12/22 they gave me a breathing treatment and steroids and I got to go home first time ever they usually put me in the hospital. They put me on 3 liters and my oxygen level was 100 never before it usually runs at 84 thank god for that.

Good days and bad days

I have my good days when I clean I start with my inhaler and I go till I can’t go on and I quit. I start with my bathroom, living room, and kitchen. I do make my bed every day sometimes I ask my husband to help. On my bad days I sit and play on my iPad or I read my Bible. I don’t cook a full meal. We buy food that’s easy to prepare. I cook meat and 2 veggies sometimes they're microwave. Now onto my bath, I shower I will take my nebulizer before my bath. I will have my daughter take me to the grocery store sometimes I order groceries online my husband and I go pick them up they will put them in your car or you can get them delivered to your door. God bless best wishes and I hope I could help someone out there. I never say I have a disease I have COPD Thank you for reading my story.

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