Coping with our mortality

I try to remember all the fun I had before I learned I had wrecked my lungs. I also try to think back to the times when I had overbearing employers, an unreasonable fear that the IRS was coming to take me away or that the neighbor's dog was barking too much.

We all face our mortality in different ways, and many of my friends seem more concerned with plowing up their past and less time cultivating their peace.

The tomatoes I planted 3 weeks ago won't produce until August and that by mid-September, they will be browned-out old plants. Next summer, I will do that again.

A number of years ago when I could still do that, I helped my neighbor plant some shrubs around his patio. Lovely and rewarding, the whole project. The neighbor was 91 years old. He still had hope, still was cultivating his peace.

Read a book and share your thoughts with somebody.

Watch a 1944 Sherlock Holmes movie.

Feed the finches.

Stop worrying about your mortality.

If you don't enjoy doing what you are doing, do something different.

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