COPD with Lung Cancer

Hi, I was diagnosed with COPD in 2010 and worked full-time until January 22.


I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB SC Lung cancer on July 26, 2021. After I started coughing up blood, after months and months of going to my regular pulmonary doctor for him to say I think your coughing is from acid reflux... and giving me the pills for that... after a hospitalization and biopsy, the diagnoses. I found a new pulmonary doctor and a Cancer and Radiology/Oncology doctor. I've done 1-year Chemo and Keytruda - 33 days back to back radiation on my collar bone my upper right lung and my lower left lung. Hospitalized after having a blood transfusion, feeding tube in and out in 8 weeks from radiation (couldn't swallow water).

I just came out of the hosptial again 2 weeks ago, and doing better, but my oxygen is up to 3.5 - 4 Liters and they or I haven't been able to reduce it down yet when I'm up walking around but sitting I'm been able to drop it.

Family struggles

My family is pretty much in denial, except my oldest sister as she helped me with our parents. My youngest son comes to see me once a year; I'll get to see him this thanksgiving... He lives in the same city as I do. He says he's too busy with his new family. I try and let him know I will meet him and his new family for a dinner outing when they go a least once every two months, but that doesn't happen. I live with my oldest son, his wife and my granddaughter. Only my son will talk with me... the Daughter in law unless I bring something up to her she never speaks she will walk right behind me in the kitchen and never say a word.... I think she afraid that she will have to do something for me and if she gets friendly now when I'm ill she's afraid that someone will ask her to help do something for me. I'm still having to make most of the meals here cause she want cook for the family unless I'm in the hospital.

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