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In June I will be 78 and my life went downhill starting around age 71

I started smoking at age 25 as cigarettes were 11 cents a pack in the service. I was told to light them up if you got them! I smoked for about 12 years and quit cold turkey. So, from age 37 to 71, my health was okay.

My current sitution

Presently, I take oxygen at night (I forgot to take it last night and that happens a lot) and start my routine early with a nebulizer and medicines for heart and high blood pressure. I wait a few hours, and I take my Anoro (one puff) and my albuterol as needed, usually six times a day.

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I look forward to having Zephyr valves placed and waiting to hear when that might happen.

What calms me

Someone also mentions prayer. I'm Catholic, and I attend daily Mass. Daily I pray the rosary and the Divine Mercy prayers. I pray non-stop, and I must say I have lots of trust in Christ, and that calms me down. I wish that for you. God bless us all.

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