COPD Scares

Last updated: March 2023

Well, I get fearful every time the oxygen level drops. This comes from the two times I have been in the hospital on a ventilator in the last year. The first time I was on the ventilator for four days.

But it was when I was taken off the machine I had what the doctor called hospital craziness. It was the worst thing I have experienced in my entire life. Anyway, the 2nd time was not like that. Everything was okay when I came off the ventilator in a day and a half.

And right now, I'm just scared of getting RSV or the flu or, most of all, Covid-19. But anyway, I'm in stage 4 on 2 liters of oxygen 24 hours every day, and as they say, I can only go as far as my oxygen cord will allow me to go.

But to be honest, I'm scared to death with COPD, diabetes, and lung cancer in remission. Well, a CT scan to ensure it's still in remission on December 5th. But it has been for 18 months, so we are praying it still is.

I also had a heart attack in 2008. So there are a lot of things that scare me, but COPD is my worst fear. Thanks for listening.

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