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I have COPD it doesn't have me!

I was diagnosed in 2018 as severe (I had it for a long time prior just not officially diagnosed ) I was already on oxygen from a prior brain surgery gone wrong and sepsis did its thing. I was on county care at the time so appointments were pretty scarce and far between. Basically handed meds and left to figure it out, which I couldn't have done without this group.

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Getting better care

For the last 6 months I've been under much better Doctors' care for my acromegaly, COPD and other illnesses. What a difference. My new Dr couldn't believe I had not worsened more than I did because of lack of care. I credited this group and others for helping me. I did have a pretty bad exacerbation a bit back and had many issues. Couldn't walk across the room but thanks to all for giving me a positive mentality and to my pulmonary rehab team I'm getting better and better. Even went from 4 lpm to 2 lpm thanks to corrected meds and exercises!!!! My goal is to possibly come off O2 and just use my ventilator at night.

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