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COPD and pneumonia

I developed COPD from 30 years of fiberglass and body work and 30 years of smoking. I am now well within the third stage on oxygen at night and I now have pneumonia. I had the prevnar 13 pneumonia shot a year or so ago and still wound up with pneumonia. but I guess if I have not took the shot then I would be in critical care right now is what they tell me so everyone needs to get the prevnar 13 shot it could save your life. I feel miserable but it could be a whole lot worse my symptoms are quite regular now but I am not giving up. I will always continue to fight so please all you folks with COPD do not give up.

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  • Leon Lebowitz, BA, RRT moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi jsimerly9 and thanks for sharing your story with the community. We appreciate what you have been through. It’s encouraging for all of us to read about your positive attitude and ability to stay focused and hang in there. Life is precious, that’s for certain. Managing your ‘regular’ symptoms now will enable you to enjoy it as well! Keep up the good work! Warm regards, Leon (site moderator)

  • Barbara Moore moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi jsimerly9,
    It sounds like you have had a tough journey. Here is hoping that the worst of it is behind you.
    Barbara Moore (Site Moderator)

  • Allyson.Ellis moderator
    1 year ago

    jsimerly9, pneumonia can indeed be incredibly serious with COPD! I’m glad you had the vaccine and this bout is more manageable than it may have been otherwise! I thought you, and anyone reading your story, might find this article about pneumonia to be of interest: I hope with some rest, antibiotics and time, your symptoms will return to your normal. Thank you for sharing and being part of the community. Take it easy! ~Allyson ( team)

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