Not very happy with COPD, AFIB, and high blood pressure

I am 65 years old and just found out about COPD and I am very very scared for my life. I live in the Puerto Vallarta Mexico area and know of no support groups there. Had a heart stent put in Jan. 2nd of 2018 so I am not in very great shape right now. I stopped smoking 7 weeks ago and stopped drinking in Feb. of this year to try and save my life and live a little longer. I am very tired and weak most of the time and depressed about this whole thing I am going through right now and the rest of my life.

I think I will be doing some stem cell treatments when back in Mexico. They are very expensive but what does everyone think about this kind of treatment? Good, bad, whatever? The doctors tell me it doesn't work in California that I have seen or talked to but have read otherwise that it works. I don't know were to go at this time in my life and the doctor says I might have only 10 years left... how the hell do they know? I don't have cancer yet and look OK on that end, but COPD I am told is for the rest of my life. Does anybody have any answers for me? They would be welcome by me very much at this scary time in my life. THANKS!!!

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