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My COPD and how it has affected my life.

I am slowed down a lot on most days so I have to make a plan each day as to what needs doing the most.

How I'm coping

I am on oxygen at night but if I have a flare-up I need to wear it every day at 2.5L. I have two inhalers plus a rescue inhaler and can do nebulizer treatments if needed. I can not lift anything over 5lb. My husband helps me a lot with the housework and I am so thankful for that. A lot would not get done if not for him.

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It's been a game changer

I have a pacemaker because I have cardiomyopathy and AFib. It is really difficult for me to breathe a lot of days. I do not like to go shopping anymore because it is a struggle to get ready and I am afraid of catching a cold or worse. This certainly has been a game changer for me and so far no cure. I am thankful for the meds I use as they help a lot, but COPD has changed my life so much.

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