Hi I'm Amanda I'm 36 yrs old and I have COPD. Everyday is a struggle for me I got winded over night and haven't returned since. I have not made a Dr. Appt yet but E.R doc said diagnosis was clear...

My questions

I was wondering if anyone has periods where they breathe rapidly and have trouble getting air out? Also, how long do most flare-ups last and when I say flare ups I mean your symptoms. I'm confused it seems like they would last a week or two, then I wouldn't feel them for several weeks then they would come back now I feel like I've had them three weeks now and they're getting worse.

Quitting smoking

I'm worried out of breath just confused can somebody elaborate on this am I the only one is this normal for most people will quitting smoking and help or is it technically too late? yes, I'm aware damage is done but as far as symptoms go has anybody improved?

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