The way back - improved control but not cured

My decline was slow - perhaps over 16 years starting several years after I retired. By that time I was being treated for an unnamed condition - still don't know which within the overall collective. After years of frequent and unpleasant exacerbations and the occasional stay in hospital, I decided to treat myself.

Assuming that an exacerbation is nothing but an infection I started with the further assumption that the body has the means to fight any infection. So the logical thing was to strengthen the immune system but not using doctors who appear conditioned to not approve. That was September 2019; following an internet search I use five common and cheap non-prescribed products from my local supermarket on top of prescribed medicines and have kept the exacerbations at bay. I am not cured - only better controlled. Peak flow readings have moved from mid 200s/low 300s to clear 500s and sometimes as high as mid 700's. On top of that little drink, I use the gym five times a week and can even run a little.

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