Please help. I have constant phlegm! Will it go away?

Hello everyone, I am new to this and to COPD. I quit smoking in November, 10 months ago. I quit because I was hearing a lot of wheezing in my lungs, but I was able to keep working and be very physically active before I quit.

As soon as I quit, my health took a dramatic downward spiral. I am 65 years old, and just retired in February. I smoked for about 44 years. I just can't believe how fast my breathing and energy declined after quitting smoking!! I am on oxygen now 24 hours a day, and am taking Spiriva, Respimat, and Symbacort - also 2x Prednisone (10mg pills). This is what it's like...

I watch my oxygen and heart rate constantly with my finger oximeter. My oxygen will be at 94 (on 3 or 4 liters), I can't even walk from the car to the store doors! I have to have my wife get the electric wheel chair.

Now as for the phlegm: it's been 10 months since I quit, and I am constantly trying to hack up thick stubborn mucus... it's very difficult. I avoid dairy and all the triggers, but I am wondering if this ever goes away or stops? If it doesn't, what can I do about it to get it to come up? I've tried breathing in steam, cough syrup that thins mucus, coughing, lemon water, gargling warm salt water... any suggestions or advice?
Thank you all and best wishes to you.

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