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Consequences of my choices...

Started smoking in 1979 to "fit in" with the other kids..... didn't really like it but after a while I started inhaling. I ended up smoking until March 2, 2013.

I guess I'm done with cigarettes

I was hospitalized for an unrelated health problem for 5 days. Upon discharge I wanted a cigarette and lit up one only for it to taste NASTY like I licked the bottom of an ashtray ❗ Thought the pack was stale and opened up a fresh pack, lit one up and same thing, it tasted awful like the first one. So right there I said "I guess I am done with cigarettes❗" All those years of smoking gave me Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma and COPD......Have had several inhalers and rounds of steroids over the years because I wanted to "fit in"......Now I am on oxygen at night and have a constant cough from the chronic bronchitis and COPD...

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