Choices are often related to awareness

I think discovering the trends and symptoms very early in the process can give us more choices about treating the moment. OK, not so much about choices, but I think the best COPD patient has an ongoing dialogue with health care professionals. Build trust, learn to listen, understand what is happening to you and why.

Recognizing the symptoms

I think it's important for others around you to realize the challenges you face and that you recognize symptoms, such as ... are you tired and it's not even the movie hour? Gonna go lie down for awhile. Are you sick? No, I am trying to make it through tomorrow. What's tomorrow? Another day that says I have an illness that isn't like what healthy people have.
Obviously people with severe symptoms have different challenges.
But you have a choice about some of it. There is an exercise and diet regimen that is of benefit. You make choices about your living environment.

Making better choices

I think that the more I have learned about this disease in the past 10 years has broadened my choices by making it clear which activities are NOT choices I can include. I am less likely to fail when I realize that my goals for the day are REACH-able. A hike in the woods might be a fun idea, but it's not a good one. I find some other kind of fun and make the most of it.
My choice is simple: I choose to succeed.

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