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Chest cramps

Hi everyone, my first 2 names are Duane Jonathan AKA Dujon. I don't know what stage COPD I have ...3-4.


I was diagnosed at the end of November 2019 I am 56. I have a very low lung function & I get tired sometimes from just talking a lot. My doctor said when I first got out of hospital, altho I gave up 40 years of chain smoking, I would be coughing up phlegm for probably 2-3 years. Well she was right. I'm still coughing it up. My 1st year was the worst, but in the middle of last year til now, I have been getting painful cramps in my chest, due to power forced coughing trying to cough out stubborn the phlegm. I was given codeine for the pain but that gives me constipation so I try not to use it but stay on paracetamol. It's so painful sometimes going from the right side of my chest to the left in fact at one part I thought I was having a heart attack. But if I don't cough it out I can't move around normally or sleep properly at night.
Every now and then I need pills like prednisone & dioxcycilin to help deflate my chest inflammation but i'm not allowed to be on that treatment for longer than 5 days as it is addictive or whatever but honestly it really helps to clear my airways...

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What works for me

The mid summer drought heat in the north makes me exasperated as did the south Island winter cold when I went down for holiday last year it was like breathing air from inside a freezer it was almost cutting my throat with every breathe. Christchurch is chronic I don't think I will go there again...I tried mucinex from the supermarket once but that seemed worse, lozenges help a bit tho. Only my nebulizer really helps as it loosens & gets the phlegm unstuck & it is coming up in smaller lumps now but my saliva seems to aid it in being lodged in so hard ...I have a discreet spitting bottle with me always it's so disgusting.
Can't wait for this to end...I will not put my name down for a lung transplant as i was way...i'm scared of going under the knife ie the scalpel.

Helpful tips?

Any tips ppl..?
I'm a born again Christian so praying really helps also when my big sister prays and lays hands on me...then the next day the cramping returns , I'm so tired of energy sometimes. I hate sleeping lots tho, I can do things but in my own time but heavy lifting no, vacuuming slowly yes, I even changed my car tyre once, took me half an hour. I try and walk 100 meters but not every day. I'm so slow it's depressing, I used to be quick. The weight doesn't help either nor does the constant ice cream every day or 2, it's so hot here down under in NZ & I so still love ICE CREAMS.

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