Cancer Twice in 4yrs. Went to Lungs and Diagnosis is COPD.....

my story may be a little different than most or some....i am confused with my diagnosis..i have had cancer twice in 4yrs. mine started out as thymus cancer or a tumor on the thyroid. i had it removed on June 2011 and it was deemed cancerous.......after 65 radiation treatments and 13 chemo treatments in 4yrs. later the radiation damaged my lungs which i was warned would more than likely now as of 6weeks just past i became short of breath........went to a pulmonologist he started me on anoro, a powered breath inhaler it is new on the market so he started me on it and bingo he is treating me as having COPD.......i have been through hell so COPD sounds like a walk in the park considering what i have been through in 4yrs...... but i am still devastated with this shortness of breath because it is very scary when you are inhaling and purse-lip breathing to get your heart rate down and get your breath back......

it has changed my life a 360 degree turn around......just that fact i cannot do things like wash my car or do work around the house or take a long walk with my dog, all these things i took for is amazing or unreal how people's lives can change in a second.....i am still in awe of it. i was hospitalized and told to use oxygen when i walk or go on long trips.....i joined this site to hear some of the stories that some of you are going through and maybe i can get some insight on this illness ........i think if i had cancer twice i should be able to adapt to this illness. the shortness of breath has really scared me.......maybe it is like a phobia. i lost my sister 4 months ago she had a mild heart condition and could not get her breath and by the time she got to the hospital she was in a coma........she never regained conscious or enough brain activity. we lost her 8 days later it is still devastating and i am still numb behind sister was a twin and they lived together. she is also numb. i just got diagnosis with this and i am reluctant to tell her about my condition. i do not want to worry her especially with a breathing problem i do not think she can or could stand it.....i know it is wrong for me not to tell. i will eventually tell her but i am just in a cloud right now.........

well that is my life in the last 4yrs. it has been a living hell to some but i am grateful to have lived through 4yrs of treatment. god delivered me twice, maybe the third time will be a charm with COPD........i thought cancer was scary, i don't know, as they say, pick your poison. i am really scared with this breathing problem.......hope to hear from a lot of people who are going through this. i need all the encouragement or inspiration i can, i am glad to hear from all the site members, god bless, to all thanks,....CAL..

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