Call 911!

Good morning, all!

April 13th was a wake up call for me in a big way! I use 02 pretty much 24/7. Occasionally I give my nose a break if I'm just watching TV or resting. However, last month I was upstairs in my bedroom and had been having a not-so-great couple of days. I know you all understand. On the other hand, although both junior and senior are supportive they do get a little tired of my saying that I don't feel well. When their response is "yeah, we hear that a lot from you", I try to keep the negativity to myself.


Anyway, I realized that I wasn't doing well and decided to come downstairs to my L2K. It is a non-invasive ventilator and has made a positive change in my life. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I was nearly panicked. The tubing to my L2K was tangled and I tried to use my portable tank, which I had failed to change! Bad to worse. I went into full-blown panic, couldn't speak, and finally got the L2K untangled, but I was in a downward spiral! For the first time in my life I asked the boys to call the squad. Long story short, I was rapidly on a gurney and transported to the hospital ER.

Go to the hospital!

The staff was beyond amazing! I arrived at 8 pm and discharged at 4 am. I did really want to come home and not be admitted. You know, hospitals are full of sick people! So, bottom line I always have my 02 ready and waiting and consider that I learned a valuable lesson. This has gotten to rival War and Peace! Thanks for reading. Bless all of you.

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