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bull headed


I have been diagnosed with COPD now for about 4 years and am at stage 3 with 42% of my lung capacity. Obviously on oxygen 24/7 with concentrator at home that is set on 6 all the time. It is not needed on 6 when I am sitting but when I get up to go to the kitchen or where ever, a lower setting will cause a problem. Mine has the capacity to go up to 10 lpm and when using the vacuum I set it at about 8. I get out of breath quickly.

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Figuring out my problem

I think I discovered a part of my out of breath so quickly problem…
I have never been one to do much of anything slow. I don't think that I have learned that until right now. Normally I go as fast as I can, now that's not a normal persons fast's too fast for me so I am going to have to learn to slow down. When I do the trimming out in the yard I have two tanks in a wagon, one set on 6 with a 50 ft tubing and I go till I can’t then I stop for a short break then go again till I have to stop..I get to the point of resting more than working.


I am going out today and do the trimming, temp is in mid 70’s low humidity. Should be a good day for it…I am going to go slower and stop more often. We shall see.
That might help. It didn’t.



Well I went slow, I even had the regulator on the tank set on 8 and I stopped a lot. Probably the same as before. I finished, too exhausted to even put my “stuff” away. This did not come out like I had hoped. Final conclusion is that my lungs just plain and simply cannot process the oxygen fast enough to supply my body with the energy it needs.
I need to accept that but I don’t think I ever will. Too bull headed.

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