Bloating causing no relief

My bloating is causing a tightness in the upper chest. Which feels like my throat is restricted... very wheezy and I get very little relief from using the nebulizer or the rescue inhaler. I thought it was albuterol but changing to a Atrovent didn't help.

I wasn't always affected by bloating

I can't stand the bloating. I never had it until I had a falafel with bronchitis in December of 2015. Since then my COPD has been the cause of this bloating. Does anyone suffer from this that think it's the nebulizer? I was on advair and albuteral for years and didn't have the bloating. I was able to walk about a mile and now in about 18 months I can barely walk at all. The tightness feels like I have a scarf around my neck tied too tight or a T shirt on backwards. I also have wheezing. The rescue inhaler doesn't relieve it.

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