Be Aware

One day last week was one of those warmer winter days, an easy breathing day. I bundled up, oxygen in tow, mask on, and actually went to a store. Darkness had fallen as I came out to my car, feeling smug and at least partially independent again. As I walked to my car, I saw them coming. Walking through the parked cars were four young men, eyeing me, laughing softly as they approached. I realized how vulnerable and defenseless I was. I tried to fish my car keys out of my pocket as quickly as I could. Too late. The four guys split into twos on either side of my car. The two closest to me politely excused themselves and the four reunited and went about their merry way into the store. Whew!
This made me think about how we look with our canes, walkers, oxygen. We can look like easy victims to certain people wanting to do harm.
Please, oh please, stay aware of your surroundings. Run errands with someone. If you feel threatened, don't hesitate to yell, scream, or use your emergency button on your car key fob.
Please don't become a statistic.

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