Another visit from the ambulance

I knew last Thursday I was going to be in trouble, with the bank holiday weekend coming up I knew. My doctor was going to be closed.

The issue

I managed to make it till Sunday and then the panic started, I just couldn’t breathe and you know what happens when you can’t breathe. Your brain tells you you’re not getting enough oxygen, and you start hyperventilating and I couldn’t get it under control.
They sent two female paramedics Who made the situation even worse by arguing with each other. They wanted to take me to the hospital but I said no, there is nothing they can do in the hospital that they can’t do at home for me.
They managed to get hold of an out-of-hours doctor Who gave me an emergency prescription of antibiotics and steroids again, as I don’t have any at home, because my doctor won’t let me.
So as well as trying to breathe properly. I’m not trying to cope with what antibiotics does to my stomach or should it be my bowels?

Trying to stay positive

I am trying to stay positive but on days like this I think my family would be better off if I wasn’t here. I can’t do anything that I want to do.
I really do hate self pity it’s my own fault that I’ve got this disease, but I’m just getting so frustrated that I can’t do what I want to do.
And it seems to be getting worse as the nights pull out.
Rant over … I have got some mullien drops I’m trying will let you know if it helps .. to be honest I could really do with a Bacardi and Coke with ice and a slice and a packet of peanuts?

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