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Another hospital stay

I had a COPD flareup and I couldn’t breathe and my chest was so tight and my husband saw I was in distress and call the ambulance. We had a six-hour wait and as I’m agoraphobic The walk from my bedroom to the ambulance outside was a nightmare.

A horrendous hospital stay

I had a massive panic attack and soiled myself; the ambulance didn’t have anything to clear me up with, so they said don’t worry I will do that in A&E
So in A&E I asked for some help to clean myself up to have a jumped-up little healthcare assistant throw a pack of wet wipes at me and told me to clean myself up. I stood there naked in real distress for her to stand there and laugh at me. I tried to clean myself up and got poo all over my hands and arms and she just looked at me and said well when you’re finished you can wash your hands in the sink. I just wish I could’ve died at that point stop. This hospital stay has been horrendous I spent 16 hours on a trolley in accident and emergency. Then spend another nine hours in the corridor of a ward because they didn’t have any room.

Struggling to cope

When I did get a bed they put me on the ward with Doris the bed banger Who kept everyone awake all night I banging on the side of the bed.
Moved again to a ward with Henry who just used to wander around all night Shouting and throwing cups of people. No sleep again.
They wanted to send me home and I said no because I didn’t feel well enough. I don’t know how much longer I can cope with this but I’m now on morphine to help with the breathlessness.
I’m beginning to understand how this works, and what do we say to the God of death, Not today

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