A healthful life rewarded with copd

The emergence of COPD

All my life I've been an exercise and nutrition fanatic. I've never smoked, never used illicit drugs or abused prescription medications. I hardly ever embibe. For more than 50+ years I beat back severe, life threatening asthma and its complications only to have it re-emerge as copd in my late 60s. Exposure to various viruses and diesel engines provoked my inevitable downturn.

I still persevere

But despite the fact that this inexorable condition has robbed me of most of my former muscle and fitness, I still persevere. What else can I do? At 71 I workout 5 days a week and do calisthenics everyday. I do at least 100 to 200 push-ups daily, sometimes 300. I would like to make 80 years, however unlikely that scenario may be. All I can do is try...and never surrender!

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