3 week countdown until...

My first grandson's countdown to birthday!! I've tried hard every day to get whatever exercise I can in. Have kept to my med routine and have taken my 10 supplements and vitamins every day. She visited this weekend and that baby bump is huge. I give her a hug, place my hands on her stomach and say Grandpa loves you always n 4ever while sending as much positive and love vibes I can my daughter turned 27 on Sunday.

Being in the ICU

It was the first time seeing them since being transferred from ICU to a hospice facility in ATX. Got released on the 27th from a live-in facility to live-in home careNever realized how bad it had gotten, but relatives have relayed stories of me being pretty much unconscious and incoherent including seeing people not there which amused me lol. My soft fur rescue dog, Robyn, was allowed to stay the entire time as were relatives so most family there taking part of 24 hr care. They have also arranged their schedules and found people for mostly 24-hour care at home when I was released on 27th. Though I prefer doing what I can when I can is nice, better when there is a support person.

Hospice care

Hospice has so far set up an aide to come twice a week for an hour or so for light cleaning, meal prep plus more. And I appreciate the support and stories from here for sure. Thanks, guys,! Family shared doctor info that the co2 level in my lungs was at near 167. By next day they were down to more "normal" level if around 60s. Family said docs had not ever seen these that high and especially back to within norms by next day. Good enough to be transferred out of icu. Still need to Google this info.

Hanging on

So still trying my hardest to hang on to see and hold my 1st ever grandson. But also taking appreciation in watching the sun sets and ATX birds n butterflies I watch from back porch.

Thanks to all you guys for your support and encouragement. It is appreciated! Be strong, be well and be kind❤

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