What a Difference a Year Makes.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Looking back I realize
That I could bake, cook and clean
I could visit, shop and enjoy more than I can now
I could walk the dogs and climb even a short hill a day
COPD, who invited you into my life?
Who said you could take over and try to rule and reign?
There were many things that did let you into my life
Smoking, 2nd hand smoke, work environments and more.
I can’t change the past, no matter how hard I try
Yet, you can only take over as much as I let you take
And you aren’t ruling all my life because I won’t give it to you!
My life has changed; I’m physically disabled yet...
My life is mine!
I need to realize that the weakness, difficulty and pain
The struggle to breathe, the physical and emotional difficulties are mine
While mine, I have to remember I need to take control
I can’t do as I used to yet...
I can change my way of thinking, my way of doing things
I can find new ways to hope and find new places to go
Different ways of doing things, different adventures as well
For there is an adventure every day
In this journey of life
There is new hope and new dreams
There is always a prayer for miracles, for you and for me.

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