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You Are Unique in Your Own Disease

COPD is such a complex and individualized disease. It can change by the day and vary significantly between people. Sometimes it's nice to compare, to know you're not alone in your struggle and that someone else can relate to your experience. But it's also crucial not to compare one person's disease to another when it means comparing your bad days to someone else's good days - which can be hard with social media.

COPD is a unique condition

This entire community is united in one respect - everyone is managing COPD every day - but that doesn't mean that everyone is the same. To bring a bit more attention (and style) to this topic, Janet created the following beautiful poem:

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It’s wonderful
That we can learn so much
In our own homes and in our computers.
Always remember though

You are unique in your own disease.

Others might have COPD and the same meds
But that doesn’t mean you are the same.
They might have additional health issues.
They might be taking additional meds.
They might have a different family history.
There might be differences in other things.
So always remember,

You are unique in your own disease.

Take what applies to you
Ignore the rest.
What might be good for you and more interesting,
Might be less for someone else.
Always remember,

You are unique in your disease.

How about you? Does this sound like something you've experienced?

Comparing your COPD to others'Tell us more! Share your stories with us! Have you had any positive or negative experiences comparing your disease with others? Have you found it helpful to compare and know you're not alone? Or do you find it makes it harder to get perspective? We want to hear from you!
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